Jeunes ambassadeurs du savoir (JAS)

Jeunes ambassadeurs du savoir (JAS) is an educational program developed by percolab for the Institut de Coopération pour l'Éducation des Adultes (ICÉA), an organization dedicated to supporting academic perseverance, helping dropouts re-enter school and promoting the innovations of young adults who lack the resources and support to make their work known to the general public.

Procédurable collaborated with JAS by conducting project management and technopedagogical analysis activities involved in elaborating a reflective learning tool destined to drop-outs between the ages of 16 and 30 who wish to re-enter school. The tool would allow these young people to develop skills to help promote lifelong learning:
- introducing themselves and speaking about their experience in various ways;
- gaining awareness of their capability to act;
- increasing their technological skills;
- contributing to the network of the Jeunes ambassadeurs du savoir program;
- sharing their personal tools and strategies with the other participants of the program and learning from these people;
- accounting for their actions and assessing their results;
- improving their learning practices.