A skill is a strength in terms of personal achievement that may be applied to one or more situations; a practice is the use of skills to apply the rules and principles of an art form.

Organizations set themselves apart by offering something unique and original to their clients, patients, beneficiaries or users. Thus, they must carry out many activities as coherently as possible to deliver on their promises and ensure client satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Procédurable’s process composition practice consists in organizing processes methodologically, taking care to avoid, eliminate or minimize operations that are inessential to meeting clients’ needs. Security, quality, service, space and productivity are all performance indicators that are taken into account in reevaluating existing processes or planning those that have been newly ideated.

Optimized processes + continued improvement: lean—Six Sigma

Lean production (also known as the Toyota method) is adopted in many industries, including aviation, manufacturing, services and hospital care, to name only a few. This practice is widely recognized as the most cost-effective process organization methodology. Six Sigma is a problem solving approach that supports process improvement to achieve a very high success rate, according to an organization’s needs and available resources.

Procédurable composes and re-composes, in continuous improvement, processes that follow the lean and Six Sigma approaches. The social benefits these methods generate are well worth the investment.

Shared intellectual property: Creative Commons

When you find yourself wondering if something could exist, chances are, it already does. And it might even be available to you right now—absolutely free!

Creative Commons shared intellectual property licenses were developed at Harvard Law School. They allow various types of content (images, music, plans, software) to be shared, distributed and used for free, in agreement with the authors who wish to make their work accessible to as many people as possible.

Procédurable is committed to raising awareness of these new work-sharing methods by using various open source applications, thus supporting the creation of a collective heritage.