Operational Philosophy

Process composition, from ideation to creation

Procédurable generates social profitability by coordinating the economic performance of social business and organizations.

A process is a collaboration in the set of actions destined to produce a desired effect. Creating a process is a process in itself–it’s also Procédurable’s speciality.



The possibilities available to us now are greater than they were yesterday. People often dream of possibilities without realizing they are actually within their reach as early as today. All over the world, people are inventing and sharing newer, more powerful and accessible tools on a daily basis. These tools become our resources, and creating them involves a set of processes.

Procédurable is constantly evolving through this reality. Preconceived ideas are rejected; transformations are welcomed. This world of possibilities yields original and relevant solutions to resolve or avoid problems.



The activities that make up a process generally involve several people or groups of people. In defining a process’s components, it is essential to take stock of all relations that will ensure its success and continuous improvement.

Using collaborative methods and tools, Procédurable instigates the various collaborations related to the processes its team creates.



Tests are one of the components that form a process. At each step, all efforts must be made to ensure production operations are secure, thus providing the highest level of quality.

Procédurable’s spontaneous, methodological and well-thought-out actions generate results and ensure the success of its partners’ projects.



In order to ensure the success and performance of a process over time, it is essential to foster and value the involvement of all persons associated with it.

Social involvement represents an integral part of Procédurable’s processes and daily activities.



Possibilities are vast, but resources are often limited. Choosing wisely is a must. Making the right decisions when it comes to a process’s operations ensures its success, both over the short and long term.

Procédurable chooses to drive excellence by composing projects that generate social profitability.