Nouveau CHUM

A LEED-certified hospital of the 21st century, the new CHUM will be a world-class health care, research and teaching facility.

Project Type:  Direct collaboration
Results:  Initiating the creation of the operational manual for the new CHUM (monCHUM)

The new Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), which will combine the activities of three Montreal hospitals as of 2016, presents immense challenges in terms of harmonizing and optimizing the various operating procedures of its many areas of activity. Despite political debates regarding its location, the CHUM’s construction is underway and the countdown towards the big move has begun.

Procédurable elaborated and implemented a process characterization methodology related to the new hospital’s areas of activity, which aims to manage the planning and development of its processes. This characterization work consisted of describing, through semantic interrelation, the work pertaining to the services in order to clarify the operational representation of the processes involved in the move. This characterization aimed to identify and join together specific activities carried out by the CHUM’s various stakeholders and to simplify decision-making based on procedural information that is more comprehensive. A doctoral thesis was realized studying this project ( The collaborative and semantic characterization tool took into account the linked realities of the CHUM’s hospital and support services, which are inevitably interdependent. These groups of concepts, called ontologies, were structured beforehand, allowing collaborators to interlink their activities with more precision and to address issues in a systematic manner, with better access to the full capacities of the hospital’s process management and operational planning tools. By doing so, Procédurable enabled medical and paramedical responders to optimize their activity according to high-level security, quality and performance requirements, as would be expected of a medical infrastructure project of this magnitude. As a characterization advisor, Procédurable was committed to meeting these challenges, particularly in the areas of medical support and logistics management, by creating a collaborative Internet portal based on the innovative Semantic Web (W3C) and by promoting open source technologies.