Noémie Chabot / Intégration structurale

Structural integration is a bodywork approach that aims to open, balance and realign the body. It is a deep bodywork process in which clients play an active role during manipulations. This allows them to integrate new movement and perception possibilities and to gain a new understanding of their own body.

Procédurable considers its process creation activities through an episteme rooted in the mutuality of humans who are engaged in communication and in the awareness of bodywork. The individuals who interact bear concepts and generate projects, but they are always subject to the physical limitations of their own bodies.

This is how Noémie Chabot and her structural integration approach have enabled Guillaume Coulombe to personally explore the structural integration approaches of KMI and Aston-patterning, which may be defined as structural alignment to reorganize the mechanical recurrences of the human body.

This approach allows those who apply it to acquire a better understanding of the limitations their daily activities impose on their bodies. This psychological dimension of structural integration and recurrences, which can be highly useful in optimizing the potential of the human body, reorganizes the posture of the human body and improves the body’s physiological functioning as well as the smoothness of its movements. Structural integration therefore helps reduce the effects of stress and injury and increases energy and vitality.

With this health practice making its entrance into the Quebec market, Procédurable is helping Noémie Chabot in her role as an entrepreneur and in designing appropriate communication tools to raise awareness about structural integration, targeting individuals who advocate a totalizing view of the human being in all relationships, whether these are professional, social, political or “procedurable.”