Groupe Investissement Responsable (GIR)

Groupe Investissement Responsable Inc., more commonly known as (GIR), is a Canadian leader in the area of extra-financial strategic advisory services, a critical part of today's investment world. GIR guides its clients through the environmental, social and corporate-governance issues that affect public companies. It also offers a wide array of services including proxy-voting services, research and business consulting.

In collaboration with Procédurable, Groupe Investissement Responsable (GIR) developed a voting tool allowing its investors to get involved directly in the strategic orientations of the companies of which they are shareholders.

GIR’s voting service allows investors to better direct their “responsible” positions regarding complex proposals that are made by the various boards of directors and then voted on during annual shareholder meetings.

Procédurable developed this service by creating data entry, analysis and voting tools to allow GIR to provide voting recommendations in compliance with each client’s specific policies.
In addition, by developing user-friendly interfaces, Procédurable allowed GIR’s investors to gain a better understanding of the actuarial and financial jargon that often makes it difficult to invest responsibly, as demanded by clients.

Thus, the environmental, social and corporate governance requirements that form the core of Procédurable and GIR’s identity are reflected by a clearer, more effective voting process.
By developing this voting tool, Procédurable enables the implementation of a practical financial strategy that considers today’s ethical issues, thus helping responsible stakeholders influence the evolution of the companies they are associated with through their investments.