Greenroad Media

Greenroad Media undertook a highly aesthetic advertisement project focused on revegetating highway areas. Dubbed Floralscapes, the project consisted of creating large ornamental mosaics out of flowers and plants. These advertising mosaics were made up of 16 to 20 thousand pixels, each pixel being a flower or, occasionally, a neutral medium.

Collaborating with Greenroad Media’s horticulture, planting and installation partners, Procédurable coordinated the deployment of the project’s operations, activating the information and operation systems that had been planned for the project and initiating other unplanned systems, as required. This led to the installation of a documented pull systems value chain, which ensured the security of the work operations and environment.

  • Mobilize teams in preparing the space to ensure the efficiency of operations and eliminate risks;
  • Assign roles and tasks based on a well thought out distribution of direct and indirect tasks;
  • Organize flower-related operations into pull systems processes, from the greenhouse to the planting chain to the installation;
  • Ensure work tools and stations are ergonomical and efficient.